What is Elysium Health’s mission?

Elysium’s mission is to solve the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier, longer lives. Working directly with the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, Elysium translates advances in science and technology into effective, scientifically sound health products that work at the cellular level.

Can I learn more about the team of scientists and clinicians Elysium has assembled?

On our science page, you’ll find more information about our scientific advisory board (SAB), who we work closely with to research, validate, and develop our products. Our board includes scientific professionals of all kinds -- biologists, clinicians, chemists, computer scientists -- who focus on a variety of subject areas in the field of health including brain health, gut health, aging, and metabolism, among others. We also have several individuals on the clinical and regulatory side of the business to help us craft clinical studies and ensure that we are maintaining appropriate standards for validating safety and efficacy, and that we’re making legal, substantiated claims. This diversity is helpful in all stages of the product development lifecycle, from identification of ingredients to the structuring of clinical studies.

How does the scientific board work with your team?

Our board plays three important, specific roles:

1. Scientific Direction. Board members evaluate our product pipeline and the quality of research associated with potential products, think about their potential impact on health, and decide if we should do further studies. They also advise on the clinical trials we should conduct.

2. Product Discovery. We have board members across various areas of study, including biochemistry, neuroscience and aging. They also work in variety of roles as regulatory officials, clinicians and scientists. The scope of our their expertise gives us a comprehensive view of all areas of study that matter.

3. Institutional Connections. Our board's relationships with the top academic institutions affords us access to intellectual property, the ability to partner on clinical trials, and connections to top researchers.

Can I share my story on your website or send you updates on my health?

Absolutely! More and more of our customers are electing to share their stories with us here. If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you.

Can I read more about you in the press?

Yes, you can! From our homepage, you can access links to recent press coverage on Elysium in New York Magazine, MIT Technology Review, Fast Company, Nature Biotechnology, and more.

I’m interested in partnering with Elysium or having Elysium sponsor an event. How can I get in touch about that?

If you’re interested in partnering with Elysium or event sponsorships, please contact us at [email protected] with more details about what you’re interested in doing together. We will review your request and see if we’re able to explore it further.

Where can I read your terms and conditions?

You'll find our terms and conditions and privacy policy at the bottom of our website.

Still have questions? Send us an email at [email protected]