What is Basis?

Basis is a daily product that supports metabolic health. The proprietary formulation of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene is designed to increase levels of the coenzyme NAD+ and to support a class of proteins called sirtuins. NAD+ and sirtuins work together in vital metabolic processes including energy production.

How does Basis work?

Research has discovered that healthy cellular function relies on the coenzyme NAD+ and on a class of proteins called sirtuins. Sirtuins are proteins that act as vital regulators in the cell, controlling our body’s response to nutrition levels and stress. NAD+ powers sirtuins, as well as hundreds of other cellular processes essential to our well-being. Research in humans shows that NAD+ levels decline as we age. Basis is designed to increase NAD+ levels and to support sirtuin activity.

Is there any human data available on Basis?

Yes. Elysium conducted its first clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Basis. The study, which was placebo-controlled, randomized, and double-blind, evaluated the safety and efficacy of Basis in 120 participants ages 60-80 over an eight-week period. Participants received either the recommended dose (250 mg NR and 50 mg pterostilbene), double the recommended dose or a placebo daily for the eight-week trial. The participants age group was defined to demonstrate Basis’s ability to replenish depleted NAD+ levels in older participants, not simply maintain higher levels in younger adults.

The study confirmed the safety of Basis, demonstrating that participants experienced no serious adverse effects and that Basis continues to be safe for daily use as determined by standard safety measures. The study also showed that in participants taking the recommended dose of Basis, NAD+ levels increased from baseline by an average of 40% at four weeks and maintained that increase for the duration of the trial. Participants taking double the recommended daily dose saw their NAD+ levels increase approximately 90% at four weeks, and a significantly higher level of NAD+ (compared to the recommended dose of Basis) was maintained for the duration of the trial. This first-in-humans study demonstrates clearly that Basis can increase NAD+ levels in the blood safely and sustainably. Confirming that Basis is an effective NAD+ precursor in humans is a vital first step to elucidating how Basis supports human health.

What are the ingredients in Basis?

Basis is composed of two active ingredients, both of which are found in nature: nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene. NR is a direct precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, an essential coenzyme for optimal cellular functioning. Pterostilbene is a novel polyphenol, a class of antioxidants that includes over 4,000 species, and is found in trace amounts in blueberries. The ingredients in Basis are formulated to support the function of vital metabolic activities that are key to maintaining your body’s health. The recommended dose of Basis (two capsules) contains 250mg of NR and 50mg of pterostilbene.

How do these ingredients work?

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is the most direct precursor of NAD+ in oral form. This means it can be used as a primary ingredient to produce NAD+ through a metabolic process that occurs inside of our cells. The science behind Basis is part of the ever-growing body of scientific studies that point to the functions of NAD+, including its role in activating a vital class of proteins called sirtuins, as a key player in everything your cells need to do to maintain health and longevity.

Pterostilbene is a novel polyphenol that is shown to improve metabolic health in lab studies. While polyphenols have many potential health applications, including protecting your cells from the accumulation of harmful molecules, many types are broken down by your bodies before they can be utilized. Studies have shown that pterostilbene is more bioavailable, or can be more readily absorbed by the body, allowing your cells to take full advantage of its benefits.

How do I know Basis is working?

Basis is designed to work beneath the surface on the health of your cells, so its primary purpose is not to deliver surface-level results. Taking Basis is an investment in your long-term health, and you may not feel different despite the improvements happening inside your body. That said, customers have reported results as early as three to four weeks into taking Basis, experiencing more consistent energy, sounder sleep, and sharper cognitive function. On the cellular level, we know from our clinical trial that Basis is achieving the desired result of increasing levels of NAD+.

When and how should I take Basis?

We recommend taking two Basis capsules in the morning, with or without food. Lab studies indicate that NAD+ levels are normally circadian and show a peak during the wake cycle. By taking Basis in the morning, you are allowing this increase in NAD+ levels from Basis to coincide with your body’s normal peak of NAD+. Your two capsules can be taken together; there is no need to split the dose. Many customers tell us that making Basis part of their morning routine works best, especially because some report a slight rise in energy after taking it and they don’t want it to interfere with sleep. The most important thing to remember is to take Basis daily for best results, as cellular health optimizes over time. We recommend leaving your Basis jar on the kitchen counter or on your desk at work to reinforce the habit of taking it every day.

Is Basis mainly intended for older people?

Basis is designed for use in all healthy adults. Studies show that the coenzyme NAD+ begins to decline in humans in our 20s, so while older individuals will have more depleted levels of NAD+, younger adults can proactively maintain the health of their cells by taking Basis.

Can I break open the capsules?

While we do not recommend breaking open the capsules, if you have specific questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] or call at 1-888-220-6436.

What information can I share with my doctor?

We encourage all of our customers to share information about Basis with their doctors. The best place to start is our product page.

Can I get these ingredients from diet?

While NR and pterostilbene are both found in trace amounts in food -- NR in milk and pterostilbene in some berries -- the decline of NAD+ in our cells as they age suggests that diet alone does not provide a sufficient supply of either compound. Basis is proven to increase levels of NAD+ by an average of 40% safely and sustainably, as validated in our clinical trial.

Is Basis okay in transit in hot and cold temperatures?

We anticipated a wide temperature variance in shipping Basis to different parts of the US throughout the year. We worked with our manufacturing partner to perform extensive stability testing on Basis in a range of temperatures, including extreme hot and extreme cold -- with no reported degradation of safety or efficacy during these tests.

How do you ensure the safety, purity, and quality of your products?

We are committed to delivering products that are as safe and pure as they are effective. We produce our products in accordance with the FDA’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs), which require our manufacturers to adhere to regulations that assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of our products. We’re completely transparent about the purity of Basis, making the information about every batch publicly available on our website. Additionally, we have independent, third parties regularly audit all touch points along our supply chain to ensure we are meeting industry standards. Basis is vegan and vegetarian friendly and gluten-free.

How does Elysium adhere to FDA guidelines?

Compliance is a top priority for us, and Basis fully adheres to the FDA requirements for dietary supplements. We’re completely committed to sourcing the best ingredients and manufacturing our products in the highest quality facilities that meet or exceed FDA guidelines.

Can my doctor write me a prescription for Basis?

No. Basis is a drug-free product intended to support the systems that keep you healthy, not treat a specific disease or manage a chronic condition. We certainly encourage you to speak with your physician about Basis.

How should I store Basis?

It is best to store your Basis jar in a cool, dry place at room temperature. It’s not necessary to refrigerate Basis, but we recommend keeping your jar away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat for any prolonged periods of time.

How long should I take Basis before I notice effects?

Basis is designed to work beneath the surface on the health of your cells, so its primary purpose is not to deliver surface-level results. Taking Basis is an investment in your long-term health, and you may not feel different despite the improvements happening inside your body. Everyone’s physiology is unique and results vary from person to person. Customers have reported results as early as three to four weeks into taking Basis, and experience more consistent energy, sounder sleep, and sharper cognitive function with consistent use. Many customers support the idea of an energy arc, where internal, natural energy levels are sustained throughout the day -- without the need for a nap or an extra cup of coffee.

Why is Basis designed for long-term use?

The body’s ability to produce NAD+ diminishes as we age, reducing our natural supplies of NAD+. This decline in NAD+ occurs even while maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. As our clinical trial demonstrated, taking Basis safely restored depleted levels of NAD+ in participants, increasing supplies from baseline by an average of 40% within a month.

Can I take Basis with other supplements? Or on medications?

We have identified no specific contraindications or side effects. However, we always encourage users of our product to consult with their healthcare provider to ensure that this view is confirmed by someone who knows your medical history, and can evaluate the data in context.

Are any artificial colors or dyes used?

No. There are no artificial colors or dyes added to Basis.

Can I take Basis if I am pregnant or nursing?

At this time, Basis is recommended for healthy adults who are not pregnant or nursing. As with all supplements, please consult with a licensed, qualified, healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement if you are pregnant or nursing.

Is Basis gluten-free?

Yes, we formulate our products without wheat or wheat-derivatives.

Is Basis vegetarian? Vegan?

Yes, our products are vegetarian and vegan.

Is Basis non-GMO?

Elysium products are composed of ingredients that have not been genetically modified. Since the ingredients in Basis are not derived from foods, they are not susceptible to genetic modification. 

Can I take more than the recommended amount of Basis?

Basis was formulated by health experts to deliver an optimal intake of active ingredients, and we don’t recommend exceeding the recommended dosage. While studies indicate that increased consumption of NR up to 1g per day and pterostilbene up to 250mg per day isn’t harmful to health, there are diminishing returns with increased dosage, meaning that NAD+ production won’t increase at the same rate of dosage increase indefinitely.

Can my child take Basis? Can my pets?

Basis is intended for adults, ages 18 and up.

Are the lids of Basis jars child-resistant?

No, the lids of your Basis jars are not child-resistant at this time. We recommend that Basis, like all supplements, be stored out of the reach of children.

Are your jars recyclable?

Yes. Elysium's jars are made from recyclable plastic and we encourage our customers to recycle whenever possible.

How long until my Basis expires?

Basis expires 18-24 months from the date they were produced, as the compounds in the supplement naturally break down over time. Your Basis jar will always have an expiration date printed on the bottom. While the products are still active and safe to take past their expiration date, we do not guarantee their potency.

Still have questions? Send us an email at [email protected]