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Product Reviews

Basis customers share their reviews.

4.45 (116)

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Every Basis review on this page is anecdotal, and submitted by a real Elysium customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews.

    I've been satisfied

    11/25/19 - I've been satisfied

    I use Elysium

    11/21/19 - Elysium has been a part of my life in the last 4 years and I have been feeling its beneficial impact

    I hope this keeps me

    11/21/19 - I hope this keeps me healthy as I grow older. So happy to have this product. Thank you

    Makes good sense to me.

    03/27/19 - Customer Service at Elysium has been very good. Been taking Basis for almost two months in addition to other vitamins and supplements. I told my family doctor about the human trial study, and he first he gave me the cannot trust everything you

    Exelent product

    03/26/19 - Exelent product


    03/26/19 - Loving the product so far. I love the idea behind it. I also referred a friend. I am on my second jar and felt a difference from the first jar.

    Can't really put my finger

    03/25/19 - Can't really put my finger on it, but definitely made a difference overall!

    Health Benefits

    03/25/19 - Elysium contributes to my overall health program. I exercise 5 days a week, eat healthy and get my rest. No medical issues, no medications and have an active lifestyle. Age: 72

    Love knowing I’m taking care of my insides.

    03/25/19 - I’m happy that there are products like Basis by Elysium, that want to take care of what we look like on the inside and not on the outside. It’s so important nowadays to take care of the 1 life we have been given. Even though the effects might

    Good Product

    03/25/19 - Good Product

    Basis After One Month

    03/25/19 - I submitted a review around 1-2 weeks ago with no significant additions at this time.

    I feel like 1 million

    03/25/19 - I feel like 1 million bucks

    Elysium for life.

    03/25/19 - Of all supplements I have tried Elysium is the most important for me. With the research and results behind a team of scientists that have studied the results of aging, and came up with Elysium to help us give our cells what they need most is


    03/25/19 - I'm not sure how helpful this review will be... I've been taking Basis for almost a year, I think. But because of the nature of the product (NAD+) I can't really see or feel any difference in my health. But that's to be expected


    03/25/19 - After reading and revised the comments and videos of this product I finally try it. I told some of my friends and relatives they did not believe until I notice all the changes on my self My friends and relatives notice my change slowly and I

    Very good product.

    03/25/19 - Very good product.

    Need more time with the

    03/25/19 - Need more time with the product

    Money well spent!

    03/25/19 - Money well spent, I've been using this product over 6 months now and have never felt better!

    Amazing product

    03/25/19 - Amazing product

    very responsive to requests

    03/25/19 - I needed to pause my subscription and found the customer service so helpful. Thanks for making it work