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    I have more energy and

    11/02/18 - I have more energy and sleep better at night.

    Healthy living

    11/02/18 - Planning for a healthy future


    11/02/18 - I can’t really say how much Elysium is helping at 71 because I am healthy and have exercised regularly for the past 40 years, but I believe the science.


    11/02/18 - Great!

    A 401k for your cellular health

    11/02/18 - There's a lot of reason to be skeptical about supplements these days. That aisle in the grocery store? Mostly worthless. Fish oil? Not a heart health panacea after all. Then there was the guy who lost his liver to green tea concentrate

    Great product

    11/02/18 - Helps me sleep soundly and give me energy during the day!

    Keep up the good work.

    11/02/18 - Keep up the good work.

    I did my research and

    11/01/18 - I did my research and I believe in the science behind this product. I truly believe this is the BEST thing I can take to promote wellness from the inside out.

    I recommend this supplement

    11/01/18 - Have been taking Basis for several years hoping to add an anti aging supplement into my health regimen I feel great and have more energy than when I was younger Will not be taking any chances since I feel so well and will continue to take this

    Hope springs eternal...

    11/01/18 - I'm a good boy, just in case there is a Hell...been taking Basis for about 2 years because my phd children believe the science...

    Seems to work

    11/01/18 - Been taking this for a few years. People think I am lying to them when I tell them my age. Decide for yourself whether this works for you, but don't assume it's not effective because you're a self proclaimed "skeptic'

    Great Product!

    11/01/18 - I have been subscribing to Basis for more than a year and love the results. More energy, better skin tone - you name it.

    Love Basis!

    11/01/18 - I have been using Basis for over a year. My energy and overall vitality improved soon after I started. Very happy with the results.

    Feel the Difference

    08/27/18 - I took Basis for 2 years. What I noticed was increased energy, healthy skin and nails. I decided to go off of it, trying some other new supplements. Within a few months my skin was drier and my energy levels went down. Decided to go back on Basis

    I have been taking Basis

    08/27/18 - I have been taking Basis well over a year. I don’t “feel” any different taking basis. I take it because I respect the research and the credentials of the people involved with Elysium. I do my research before taking any supplements and I’m very

    Another, Better Chance at Life

    08/27/18 - I had been quite overweight until my bariatric surgery back in 2012 as I recall. I peaked at 330 pounds. Since then I lost 130 pounds and realized that, while also no longer needing expensive diabetes medicine, I did need some inexpensive pills

    Scientific Basis for Basis

    08/27/18 - Based upon articles published in high quality journals, there is scientific evidence for Basis contributing to health and longevity. Most supplements have little or no scientific support and, in fact, there is scientific evidence that many supplements

    Basis is very important to me.

    08/27/18 - I've been taking it for 2.5 years and I look and feel much younger than I should. When I chat with the gym ladies and they ask my age, then they gasp.

    Still healthy

    08/27/18 - I have been taking Elysium everyday for about two years. I am a month shy of 67. I have not been sick, and feel good. I eat well and exercise regularly as well, so it doesn’t prove anything. But I believe in the product, and the people behind

    There isn’t enough space here

    08/27/18 - There isn’t enough space here to tell you everything I love about it. It has changed my life.