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Basis customers share their stories.

Elysium's customers come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Subscribers are doctors, scientists, law enforcement officials, artists, and entrepreneurs. We love to hear our customers’ stories, and we thought you would, too.

These are real people who take Basis, and they haven’t been compensated in any way for their stories.

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Pamela Olin, 58

“I do a lot of reading. I liked the fact that Elysium has scientists on staff. I liked the fact that there is data.”

Sarasota, FL

Tom Flynn, 70

“I’m still learning at 70. I didn’t expect that. I thought I’d just grow jaded about everything. But that’s not the way I feel.”

Bridgeport, CT

Suzy Oo, 41

“I was following Dr. Guarente’s work, actually. He’s kind of a rockstar in the scientific community.”

Honolulu, HI

Joe Ellis, 59

“My formal education is a B.S. in chemistry, B.S. in biology, B.S. in mathematics, and a minor in physics.”

Marion, VA

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Introducing Basis

Basis is clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels, which decline with age. NAD+ is required for energy creation, regulating circadian rhythms, and maintaining healthy DNA.