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We asked our customers what staying healthy and living well looks like for them. Here’s what they told us.

Labrie Blue

Labrie M., 32, Los Angeles, CA

Certified Hypnotherapist in Training

I struggled with my weight for over a decade. I guess you could say I was a master yo-yo dieter. Then one day, I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m almost 30 and I'm not getting any younger. If I keep this up, it’s going to really affect my health.” That was when I started seriously searching for ways to get healthy and stay healthy into my later years.

Sarah Blue

Sarah S., 45, Jacksonville, FL

Physician's Assistant, Wilderness Emergency Medicine

I’ve been active for most of my life. Every day, I hit at least 12,000 steps, six miles, and 20 flights of stairs — that’s my lifestyle workout. I’m also an avid climber. I do a lot of bouldering and some traversing and ropes climbing. My friends tell me all the time, “I wish I had your energy.”

Sahm Quote 2
"I keep my eye on advances in therapies to extend healthspan."

Sahm F., 36, Long Island City, NY, Nonprofit Development Officer

I would say I definitely move more than the average American because in New York City you’re constantly walking. I don’t own a car. Instead, I take full advantage of the city’s bike share program. I also jog or ride a stationary bike every other day for a cardio workout. Pretty quickly after starting Basis I noticed that my usual walk to work was easier to do and my jogging route was also much easier to complete. I have more energy at work and have cut my caffeine consumption as a result.

William Blue

William K., 31, Los Angeles, CA

Navy Veteran and Film Student

When I started Basis, I said “Alright, now is the time. No excuses.” I like the idea of taking a one-and-done supplement that helps my entire body at the cellular level. I feel like Basis has helped a lot with my energy levels. It’s almost like I have a constant and steady high throughout the day that I haven’t felt in quite some time. My classmates think I’m nearly a decade younger than I am. I guess the old adage of “feel good, look good” has some truth to it.

Violet Blue

Violet A., 61, Odessa, FL

Government Attorney

You power through your life and accept stress as a part of it. It became more than I could handle on my own. Six years ago, I came across an article on mindfulness meditation in one of the legal journals that I read and thought “Well, I can try this.” It’s taught me to be more mindful of stressful situations and what they can do to my body. I also eliminated alcohol and I try to exercise the best possible nutrition that I can, which includes some fasting and caloric restriction.

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Wendy’s introduction to science-driven wellness started at an early age: She grew up vegetarian and her parents regularly hosted intermittent fasting retreats. “You could say they were way ahead of their time,” she said.

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After moving from New York to Los Angeles, Jonathan embarked on a “holistic restructuring,” from his morning routine to his social life. “I decided to try to take advantage of all that my surroundings had to offer — going outside more, doing more yoga, and in general being better to myself.”

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