Suzy Oo

Age: 41

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Occupation: Medical Device Engineer

Annual Subscriber

An entrepreneur and medical device engineer who once worked on the Human Genome Project, Suzy Oo is partnering with physicians to develop a medical device. She travels often for her work and sometimes pulls all-nighters coding. When she’s not working on her biotech startup, Suzy trains hard to stay fit and tutors underprivileged students in STEM subjects at the local public library.

I was following Dr. Guarente’s work, actually. Scientists have their groupies — I guess I was one of his. He’s kind of a rockstar in the scientific community.

When I saw an ad on CNN for Elysium I started researching the company. Because my background is in biochemistry, I thought, “Okay, that kind of makes sense.” I dug more into the scientific literature and started taking Basis.

I went through and read the original research papers. I looked at it as a hypothesis. Based on what’s out there, is it likely to work and is it going to cause me any harm? Based on everything I read I didn’t think it was going to cause me any harm, and based on the literature I thought Basis made sense.

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