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Why We’re Celebrating DNA Day

April 25 is National DNA Day, exactly 66 years since Watson, Crick, and their colleagues discovered DNA’s double-helix structure and 16 years since scientists completed the Human Genome Project.

The day celebrates a revolution in science: understanding the very code that makes us who we are. The same DNA is inside every one of your trillions of cells, where it carries the instructions to make the person you see in the mirror — the color of your eyes, your height, even character traits like self control.

Why does it matter for you now? Because you need healthy DNA for long-term health.

Dna Repair

Basis Helps Protect Your DNA, Every Day

DNA damage is one of the important things that contributes to aging.

But despite its enormous importance to our bodies, DNA is fragile. Many factors, including everyday “wear and tear,” damage our DNA on a daily basis. Our body’s DNA maintenance and repair mechanisms shield DNA from damage when it’s most vulnerable, and repair naturally occurring breaks in DNA strands when they happen.

Basis helps out in a big way: It includes two ingredients, nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, that are part of keeping these DNA repair and maintenance mechanisms running strong. This DNA Day, we’re offering our best ever deal on Basis, so you can celebrate your DNA — and your health — every day.

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The Science Behind Basis & Healthy DNA

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    Can’t do without it!! Fabulous

    01/22/19 - Can’t do without it!! Fabulous results!!!

    Basis and me!

    11/22/18 - I've been taking Basis for about a year-and-a-half now and I can tell you that I sleep well probably better than ever before for starters. Many people have told me that I look 10 years younger or more then my 64 years . I feel healthy and

    Read The Peer Reviewed Literature - and for whatever's sake:

    11/17/18 - If you are aging, this is a must experiment. I have 33 consecutive months' experience and am 60 y.o. Watch Kurzgesagt.