Introducing APEX for Epigenetics Research

From validated sample collection and processing protocols, to algorithmic improvements for precision to enable monitoring, we’re a complete resource for incorporating DNA methylation endpoints into your research.

Collaborate with Elysium to leverage our end-to-end integrated epigenetics platform, APEX (Algorithmic Platform for Epigenetic Examination), in your research.

APEX is Elysium’s epigenetic platform that uses proprietary algorithmic processing to more precisely uncover new biomarkers based on DNA methylation data. Think of it as an operating system on top of which you can build any existing DNA methylation based biomarker. APEX was born from Elysium’s commitment to create truly robust DNA methylation-based measurements, and deliver a single precise datapoint, rather than groupwise correlations.

APEX Overview

The first application of APEX is Index: Elysium’s proprietary biological age predictor, which is optimized to deliver precise results from both blood and saliva. These two bio-specimens were of particular interest to us: blood remains highly relevant, clinically, and is often considered to be the “gold standard”; saliva is easy to collect, and does not mandate a clinic visit.

We Offer

Full-service DNA methylation biomarker platform


Development and evaluation of custom epigenetic biomarkers


Biological age as a clinical endpoint, measured using our proprietary algorithm Index


Technical expertise from Elysium’s bioinformatics team

Benefits of APEX

Increased precision over other published DNA methylation measurements


Cost effective DNA methylation array


Optimized for data integrity and reliable output


Access to Elysium’s proprietary datasets


And more

Index Product Cropped

Refined Epigenetic Biomarkers

APEX has been shown, through extensive validation of Index, to output results that dramatically increase precision relative to other published DNA methylation measurements. APEX implements several key iterations to create epigenetic biomarkers that are more specific to an individual, rather than a signal at the population-wide level, that enable these improvements:

1. Improved Precision

Considers hundreds of thousands of CpGs and reduces this high-dimensional data into independent signals. This reduces the emphasis on a small subset of CpGs that may be too sensitive to individual and experimental variation.

2. Generalizable Signals

Where necessary, eliminates experimentally determined problematic probes, including probes that overlap known single nucleotide polymorphisms. As a result of these iterations, APEX is less confounded by probe performance or genetic polymorphisms.

3. Blood and Saliva

Generates robust epigenetic biomarkers that are suitable in blood, saliva, and possibly both. This is facilitated by our comprehensive and proprietary dataset of matched blood and saliva samples from subjects representative across the adult age spectrum evenly balanced by gender.

    Cost-effective Hardware

    Get more for less — APEX is powered by the ElysiumChip, our custom DNA methylation array, developed in collaboration with the world leader in DNA sequencing technologies. 

    The ElysiumChip provides a cost-effective solution for researchers looking to implement DNA methylation into their clinical studies, without compromising on capabilities.

    Elysium Chip

    Optimized for Data Integrity and Reliable Output

    Elysium Index Lab

    We worked extensively with our partner lab to develop standard operating procedures specifically targeted toward optimizing the saliva sample collection and DNA methylation processing techniques. This includes the effect of interfering substances on sample integrity, sensitivity to DNA volume, robustness to varying protocols, and the effect of different storage conditions and durations (pre- and post-DNA extraction). 

    These protocols optimize data integrity, and further increase the reliability of the output. As a result of these validation studies, we have put in place quality-control measures designed to flag individual samples that are unsuitable for analysis, further identifying and resolving outliers and assuring the integrity of the resulting data.

    Proprietary Internal Datasets

    As an Elysium research partner, you will be granted access to our internal DNA methylation database. This database contains paired blood and saliva datasets from healthy male and female subjects aged 25 to 80. All the datasets have been de-identified. Standard clinical labs, including metabolic and lipid panels, complete blood count, and various physical function assessments, are also available. 

    Our proprietary internal datasets also incorporate technical replicates from our validation studies, encompassing paired blood and saliva from healthy subjects at two distinct time-points, processed nine separate times. Collectively, these datasets will be helpful in determining how robust new DNA methylation-based measurements are.

    Our Technical Expertise

    As an Elysium partner, our bioinformatics team is available as a resource to meet your research needs. From running algorithmic analysis and output, to identifying and creating custom solutions for your clinical evaluation, we are here to support your clinical ambitions. Our team incorporates robust quality control measures and provides multiple layers of vetting for accuracy from study inception to completion.


    Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.

    Chief Scientist


    Mark Morris

    Chief Product Officer


    Morgan Levine, Ph.D.

    Bioinformatics Advisor


    Tina Hu-Seliger, Ph.D.

    Director of Bioinformatics


    Ryan Dellinger, Ph.D.

    VP of Scientific Affairs


    Holly Holmes, Ph.D.

    Manager of Scientific Affairs

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