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Why Switch Your Omega to Matter

The importance of omega-3s can’t be overstated. They are among the most-consumed supplements, and have been researched for more than five decades for their protective effects in brain, heart, joint, and eye health. And, 80% of Americans don’t get enough of these crucial fatty acids in their diet.

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Important! Not all omega-3s are created equal. The source and the type, as well as the dose and ratios, all determine whether you’re getting the full benefits of your supplement.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Your Omega to Matter.

Ready, set, absorb

Matter’s free fatty acid omegas are 3-5x more bioavailable than standard fish oil capsules.

Protect your brain

Our formula combines superior omega-3s with a B-vitamin complex shown in an Oxford study to slow age-related brain atrophy associated with memory loss.

Clinically-proven antioxidant anthocyanins

Our bilberry extract contains anthocyanins, which have been clinically proven to support normal cognitive function.

Certified for safety and quality

Matter is rigorously third-party tested by independent labs during and after manufacturing.

Powder form means no fishy burps!

Our concentrated powdered format means an easier-to-swallow size, no fishy smell or burps, and a long, stable shelf-life.

Matter is Redefining Omega Supplements. See Why:

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