Katie Iles

VP, Growth Marketing

Katie Iles is VP of marketing at Elysium Health, where she leads growth strategy, acquisition, and retention. Prior to joining Elysium, Katie was the SVP of Growth at the e-commerce startup M.Gemi and the venture firm LAUNCH. She also co-founded the strategy and marketing agency Nine Lines to bring a data-driven, experimentation-first mindset to startup growth. Katie has worked with more than 50 consumer brands during her career, including General Assembly, THINX, John Varvatos, and Tasting Table.

She has a B.S. in biological psychology with a focus in neuroscience from Duke University, and clinical experience at both Duke University and Columbia University. While conducting clinical research at the intersection of mental health and new technology, she developed a passion for open science, accessibility, and translation. At Elysium, Katie is able to merge her passion for science, translation, and consumer growth.

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