Breakthroughs in aging research are no longer a myth of science fiction but scientific fact. Elysium makes first-of-their-kind health products and technologies backed by partnerships with institutions at the forefront of aging research.

  • 25+ Internationally Renowned
    Scientific Advisors

  • Institutional Partnerships Include 

    Oxford and Yale

  • 10 Ongoing and Completed 

    Human Clinical Trials

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Cellular Aging


NAD+ is indispensable for life, and levels decline as we age. Basis is a daily supplement developed by renowned aging researcher Leonard Guarente, Ph.D., clinically proven to increase and sustain NAD+ levels.
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Immune Aging


Format is an innovative system designed to provide complete immune support. The first and only immune product to combine a daily immune supplement with an intermittent senolytic complex to support immune health and target immune aging at the cellular level.
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Cognitive Aging


Matter, our breakthrough brain aging product developed in partnership with the University of Oxford, maintains memory and features a clinically proven B-vitamin complex patented to slow brain atrophy as you age.
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Rate of Aging


Everyone ages at a different rate. Index, a revolutionary at-home test developed in partnership with Yale University, tracks how fast you’ve been aging using the latest generation technology in the science of epigenetics.
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The Scientists Behind Our Products

In addition to a scientific advisory board that includes Nobel Prize-winning scientists, we work directly with the world’s leading researchers and clinicians to develop our products.

  • Leonard Guarente

    Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.

    Basis – Cellular Aging

    Elysium Chief Scientist, Professor, and Renowned Aging Researcher

    Leonard Guarente, Ph.D., is a founder of Elysium and the company’s chief scientist, a role in which he directs research and product development. Since 2008 he has led the Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging Research at MIT, where his research has focused on the genetic and molecular basis of aging. He is the Novartis Professor of Biology at MIT.

  • A David Smith PhD

    A. David Smith, Ph.D.

    Matter – Cognitive Aging

    Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology and Founding Director of Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA)

    A. David Smith, Ph.D., is a Scientific Advisory Board member of Elysium and the lead researcher behind our brain health product Matter. Smith has spent his entire career at the University of Oxford, where he investigated the role of micronutrients, especially B vitamins, in relation to the functioning of the brain and prevention of cognitive decline. As part of this research, Smith co-founded OPTIMA, which pioneered the study of the prevention of cognitive decline by identifying modifiable risk factors.

  • Morgane Levine PhD

    Morgan Levine, Ph.D.

    Index - Rate of Aging

    Yale School of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Epidemiology

    Morgan Levine, Ph.D., is bioinformatics advisor of Elysium Health, where she led the development of Index by Elysium Health using the next-generation technology Algorithmic Platform for Epigenetic Examination (APEX). Levine is a Yale School of Medicine assistant professor and aging researcher in the Department of Pathology and a member of the Yale Combined Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics as well as the Yale Center for Research on Aging.

As Seen in the News

We’re pleased to know that our products are regularly featured in the press as groundbreaking developments in the field of health, wellness, and aging.

“The opportunity is the chance to make a difference by translating findings in the booming field of aging research directly to consumers today.”

“A renowned MIT aging scientist as cofounder. Not one, not two, but [eight] Nobel prize laureates as scientific advisors. It’s no wonder the dietary supplement company Elysium has attracted attention in an industry not exactly known for scientific rigor.”

"Most impressively, the company’s co-founder is Leonard Guarente, who heads MIT’s aging center and is one of the pioneers of aging science, a contender for the Nobel Prize should geroscience ever get a nod from the Swedish academy.”

“Elysium collaborates with world-renowned international academic institutions to maintain the highest standards of practice, and their thought leadership is helping change the conversation in preventive health and wellness.”

Science 101

Your source for information about NAD+, sirtuins, and other important topics in aging science.

What is Cellular Senescence?

The Hayflick Limit suggests that a normal human cell can replicate and divide roughly fifty times before it cannot divide anymore. With cellular senescence, the cell loses the ability to multiply before it reaches that limit.

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is a process where non-functional or unnecessary cells are removed and recycled so healthy new ones can be built. This “cellular housekeeping” is crucial for immune health and the body’s ability to respond to immune aging.

What is NAD+ and Why Is it Important?

NAD+ is essential to the creation of energy in the body and the regulation of pivotal cellular processes. Here’s why it’s so important, how it was discovered, and how you can get more of it.

What is Pterostilbene?

What is Pterostilbene?

This potent polyphenol is promising in scientific research because of its molecular structure and bioavailability. But it might be able to do more than we even know.