Scientists agree that cellular health is fundamental to overall well-being. Basis is designed to optimize NAD+ levels and sirtuin function in our cells to support our most critical metabolic processes like cellular detoxification, DNA repair and energy production.

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Basis exemplifies Elysium’s focus on providing direct access
to scientific breakthroughs in health.

The encapsulation of 35 years of research in a bottle.

For decades, scientists have been searching for answers to what internal mechanisms lead to ongoing health as well as health decline. This led to the discovery of a critical coenzyme called NAD+, which controls cellular communication, and sirtuin proteins, which play a key role in our long-term health. Sirtuin proteins require NAD+ to function, and our NAD+ levels naturally decline over time, leading to a decline in cellular health. With a focus on NAD+ and sirtuins, we can help to sustain their function over time and support the health of the building blocks of our body -- our cells. This is the purpose of Basis.


Basis contains two novel compounds that support
the production of NAD+ and the activation of sirtuins.

"NAD is one of the most compelling bits of chemistry related to aging. Its presence in the body is directly correlated with the passage of time."
  • Nicotinamide Riboside NR
  • Pterostilbene PT
Nicotinamide Riboside Pterostilbene

The most direct precursor to NAD+. It is the most readily usable and effective building block for creating more NAD+ inside the cell. NAD+ plays a crucial role in regulating core metabolic functions including cell function, DNA repair and energy production. NAD+ supplies decline naturally with age, thus reducing a cell’s ability to function optimally and potentially impacting baseline health.

A powerful antioxidant created by plants to protect against internal and external stresses, such as disease and the sun. It is closely related to resveratrol, a compound found in grapes and red wine, but more bioavailable, or easier, for the body to incorporate. Research has shown that pterostilbene, like NAD+, stimulates enzymes called sirtuins. They relate to critical cellular processes, from aging to circadian clocks to energy production.


Learn more about Basis, designed for long-term use
in adults from our 20s onward.

Instructions Take two capsules every morning with or without food. Each jar contains a 30-day supply.
Lead Scientist Dr. Lenny Guarente, Elysium Co-Founder, Leads Science of Aging Lab at MIT.
Purity Assessment Basis undergoes rigorous third party testing to confirm its content accurately reflects the ingredients listed on our label. Two capsules of Basis in our current lot contain 115% of promised quantity of NR, 112% of promised quantity of Pterostilbene.
Analysis Through our established laboratory model, Basis meets standard measures of safety and tolerability.
Both primary ingredients in Basis are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) under intended conditions of use by qualified experts.
Dietary Basis is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors.
See ingredient information here.
Production Basis is created in the United States in adherence with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices.


Review the scientific research that led to Basis
and how it can impact our cellular health.


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DNA Repair is a core function of the body.

The efficiency of our DNA repair systems, which protect our biological and genetic information, decreases over time, leading to an increased likelihood of mutations and health complications.

Basis works to activate sirtuins and supplement the body’s NAD+ supply. DNA repair is an NAD+ dependent process, and research has shown that DNA repairs faster and more efficiently in an environment with greater levels of NAD+.

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A protein's function is determined by its shape. Proper protein folding ensures proteins develop the correct functional shape to perform their designated tasks.

Proteins perform a range of vital tasks, from structural tasks such as enabling the body to move, to transporting molecules and catalyzing metabolic reactions. Protein homeostasis, or proteostasis, refers to the proper function of the cellular pathways that govern the production, folding, degradation of proteins. This process is essential and organismal survival and healthy aging. Dysfunction in this area has been associated with protein aggregation and age-related degenerative diseases. Both NAD+ and sirtuins are linked closely to cellular proteostasis, as SIRT1 activates mitochondrial biogenesis via NAD+.

Research Papers:

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Energy production is a core function of the body, important to all metabolic processes.

Energy originates in our cells within our mitochondria, which are responsible for cellular respiration and ATP production. The number and function of mitochondria decreases over time, impacting the body’s ability to produce energy.

Optimizing NAD+ supply supports the production of ATP, the chemical energy in cells, and improves the efficiency of existing mitochondria. NAD+ also helps to form mitochondria, fueling SIRT1, which regulates processes to produce new mitochondria.

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Research Papers:

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