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    11/11/18 - have been using for over 2 years now, got it for my dad and my husband. will use it til i die


    11/09/18 - Long time user, I am 72 years old and I feel that Basis has made a significant improvement in my overall health

    Love this product.

    11/08/18 - Love this product.

    Been Taking Elysium for over 2 years

    11/05/18 - I feel great! Turning 50 in a month and I am can run a 9 minute mile. I believe it has definitely made a positive health benefit in my over all physical health.

    Great product

    11/04/18 - Great product

    I have more energy and

    11/02/18 - I have more energy and sleep better at night.

    Healthy living

    11/02/18 - Planning for a healthy future


    11/02/18 - I can’t really say how much Elysium is helping at 71 because I am healthy and have exercised regularly for the past 40 years, but I believe the science.


    11/02/18 - Great!

    A 401k for your cellular health

    11/02/18 - There's a lot of reason to be skeptical about supplements these days. That aisle in the grocery store? Mostly worthless. Fish oil? Not a heart health panacea after all. Then there was the guy who lost his liver to green tea concentrate

    Great product

    11/02/18 - Helps me sleep soundly and give me energy during the day!

    Keep up the good work.

    11/02/18 - Keep up the good work.

    I did my research and

    11/01/18 - I did my research and I believe in the science behind this product. I truly believe this is the BEST thing I can take to promote wellness from the inside out.

    I recommend this supplement

    11/01/18 - Have been taking Basis for several years hoping to add an anti aging supplement into my health regimen I feel great and have more energy than when I was younger Will not be taking any chances since I feel so well and will continue to take this

    Hope springs eternal...

    11/01/18 - I'm a good boy, just in case there is a Hell...been taking Basis for about 2 years because my phd children believe the science...

    Seems to work

    11/01/18 - Been taking this for a few years. People think I am lying to them when I tell them my age. Decide for yourself whether this works for you, but don't assume it's not effective because you're a self proclaimed "skeptic'

    Great Product!

    11/01/18 - I have been subscribing to Basis for more than a year and love the results. More energy, better skin tone - you name it.

    Love Basis!

    11/01/18 - I have been using Basis for over a year. My energy and overall vitality improved soon after I started. Very happy with the results.

    Feel the Difference

    08/27/18 - I took Basis for 2 years. What I noticed was increased energy, healthy skin and nails. I decided to go off of it, trying some other new supplements. Within a few months my skin was drier and my energy levels went down. Decided to go back on Basis

    I have been taking Basis

    08/27/18 - I have been taking Basis well over a year. I don’t “feel” any different taking basis. I take it because I respect the research and the credentials of the people involved with Elysium. I do my research before taking any supplements and I’m very