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    Long time user

    08/09/18 - I have been using basis for the last 3 years. My experience had been excellent. From better sleep to even energy throughout the day. I highly recommend basis.


    08/09/18 - My wife and I have been taking Basis for a number of years and particularly initially, felt a clear energy boost. That energy is our new normal. We combine Basis with other healthy habits and are convinced that we are better for it. Part of our

    Great Product.

    05/29/18 - As a post menopausal woman, I feel more like myself since I started taking basis. I am not so stiff and have extra energy which allows me to do more. Yes.. it does take time but after six months, I believe it allows me to age gracefully along

    energy booster

    05/21/18 - I'm not sure if that's truly the case or it's my imagination, but I do feel more energy and better sleep/rest when I take it regularly.

    Very Good Product

    05/21/18 - I have been taking Basis for over a year now and I am very happy with the product. My overall wellbeing is good and better than before I started taking Basis. My son and his grandmother also take Basis. My family and I will continue to take basis

    Really makes a difference

    05/18/18 - I have been taking Basis for six months now and I must say it seems to work. I am under a great deal of work/family stress and you would never know it from my skin and general health. People have been telling me how good I look and any bruises

    Reduced Recovery Time

    05/18/18 - Since I started using Basis, my recovery time after a serious weight training session has improved. At 70 years old this is very important because it allows me to train more often. My wife noticed it and she has started including basis in her

    I notice a difference

    05/18/18 - I started taking Basis by Elysium about two years ago. I immediately noticed two things. First, I was not dead tired on a Friday night after a week of stressful work. Before, I would need a nap to jump start my weekend. Secondly, I quit having

    Skin softer sleep better

    05/18/18 - I know this is anecdotal, but after the first week of taking Basis, sleeping got better and deeper. Also I noticed I started to dream a lot more. Weeks later I noticed the texture of my skin was a lot smoother. Anyway, I am a satisfied consumer

    hmmm...Feeling Younger

    05/19/18 - I have been taking Elysium for several months now, and I've noticed a difference. I have more energy and think I have a "younger" feeling overall. I will continue to take this product, and stay on top of research from Elysium


    05/18/18 - Taking it for almost 2 years now, feel amazing.


    05/18/18 - Outstanding product! Always delivered on time too.

    This Stuff Really Helps!

    05/18/18 - I've had an annual subscription for two years and am definitely going to keep it up... The whole process of ageing has,(thank God), slowed down for me... I'm actually looking forward again, making plans for the next five years... Got

    Effective supplement

    04/06/18 - Love it and have been taking it for the last 2-1/2 years.

    Just as advertised

    04/06/18 - I have been taking Basis for a while now and It has become a big part of my optimal health transformation. Time will tell but I truly believe in this product.

    One Year Anniversary

    04/06/18 - Cannot compare my self to my 20’s, 30’s, of 40’s but I feel pretty damn good for my age. I have to continue to believe that we continually are making strides to feel the best we can and that is why I support Elysium

    Amazing product

    04/06/18 - I have been using this supplement for over 6 months now and can really tell a difference. I feel more energetic and overall have a strong feeling of vitality.

    Measurable results

    04/06/18 - I have been working out with a trainer for two years and had plateaued. After two weeks my trainer asked how I could possibly lift 25% more with and increase the number of reps by 50% in such a short time. I told him about Basis and he got a

    Basis Review

    04/06/18 - Great product. I have been taking it for almost a year and feel fantastic

    Using Elysium for years and don't plan to stop

    04/06/18 - I started taking Elysium about 2 years ago. I can't put my finger on it but I fell like it just makes me feel BETTER. I know my skin is youthful in appearance and I am able to play squash like I could when I first started the game. I plan