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    Great, i take them every

    05/04/19 - Great, i take them every day.


    03/26/19 - even though i am doing the workouts and improved diet I am much stronger and fitter since taking Basis.

    Makes good sense to me.

    03/27/19 - Customer Service at Elysium has been very good. Been taking Basis for almost two months in addition to other vitamins and supplements. I told my family doctor about the human trial study, and he first he gave me the cannot trust everything you

    Feel Good Again

    03/26/19 - Basis is an amazing cellular supplement that positively impacts all systems of the body. Two capsules daily does it. No side effects, and the results are impressive. I have taken Basis for one year and will continue to do so.

    I am very happy with

    03/26/19 - I am very happy with the results feeling stronger more energy I sleep well at night

    Exelent product

    03/26/19 - Exelent product

    Committed for a lifetime

    03/26/19 - I am a 68 year old woman who has taken Basis for 2 years. I am very active albeit a bit limited by an old knee injury and some creeping arthritis. While I cannot attest with certainty to the overall efficacy of Basis, I can DEFINITELY say that


    03/26/19 - Loving the product so far. I love the idea behind it. I also referred a friend. I am on my second jar and felt a difference from the first jar.

    Elysium 2x daily

    03/26/19 - Excellent product. Cell support at the mitochondria level. So vital to longevity and wellness.

    Increase in energy level, and

    03/26/19 - Increase in energy level, and all around positive body health - great product .

    Can’t do without it!! Fabulous

    01/22/19 - Can’t do without it!! Fabulous results!!!

    Basis and me!

    11/22/18 - I've been taking Basis for about a year-and-a-half now and I can tell you that I sleep well probably better than ever before for starters. Many people have told me that I look 10 years younger or more then my 64 years . I feel healthy and

    Read The Peer Reviewed Literature - and for whatever's sake:

    11/17/18 - If you are aging, this is a must experiment. I have 33 consecutive months' experience and am 60 y.o. Watch Kurzgesagt.


    11/15/18 - Have taken the supplement for several years.

    I am not a scientist, but...

    11/15/18 - I am not a scientist, but I can say that my general health seems to be holding steady, that is to say, steadier than might be expected, since I began taking Basics...over a year now, I think. I believe in its efficacy and do not miss taking my


    11/11/18 - have been using for over 2 years now, got it for my dad and my husband. will use it til i die


    11/09/18 - Long time user, I am 72 years old and I feel that Basis has made a significant improvement in my overall health

    Love this product.

    11/08/18 - Love this product.

    Been Taking Elysium for over 2 years

    11/05/18 - I feel great! Turning 50 in a month and I am can run a 9 minute mile. I believe it has definitely made a positive health benefit in my over all physical health.

    Great product

    11/04/18 - Great product