How fast have you been aging?

We all age at different cumulative rates.
Start tracking yours with Index in January 2020.

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What is Biological Age?

Your biological age is the average age at which your body is expected to function. Use it to see if making lifestyle and other changes can impact how you age in the future.

The Science of Epigenetics

Beyond environmental factors and the natural process of aging, stressors like sleepless nights and bad diet can prompt sites on your DNA to undergo changes called methylation. Taken together, these changes can impact how your DNA is activated, which is called your epigenetics.

The Test

Index is powered by the Elysium chip, developed with the help of a global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies. Our at-home saliva test assesses and analyzes your epigenetics. The test takes minutes and can be dropped in any mailbox for delivery to our lab.

The Research

Yale School of Medicine professor Morgan Levine, Ph.D., is our new head of bioinformatics. Dr. Levine spearheaded the development of our proprietary platform from the ground-up.

Take Control of Your Health

There’s a lot you can do once you discover your biological age with Index. The report you receive with your results includes a list of lifestyle recommendations that you can use to adopt healthier habits.