Our Mission

Our mission is to turn critical scientific advancements into accessible consumer products.

Working directly with the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, we translate research into solutions you can access today.


At Elysium, we’re focused on exploring compelling scientific advancements that have the potential to benefit everyone.

Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.
Elysium Chief Scientist

Why now? Because we believe that advancements in scientific research are leading to compelling new developments.

Landmark scientific discoveries in the past 20 years — from mapping the human genome to creating a more complete understanding of cellular metabolism — offer a path to proactive health solutions.

We founded Elysium because we believe everyone should benefit directly from this compelling research. Working in partnership with the world’s leading scientists and research universities, Elysium is creating a new category in the industry by translating advances in science into effective products we can easily incorporate into everyday life.

We believe this is a fundamentally new approach to wellness.

Science, Our Core Value

A fully-loaded product pipeline in various stages of clinical development, Nobel Prize-winning advisors, partnerships with Harvard, Oxford, and MIT — and much more. At the heart of each one of our initiatives is a commitment to rigorous scientific research.

Elysium is based on the fundamental belief that we have the opportunity to actually make a difference.

Eric Marcotulli

Elysium CEO

In the News

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