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Lay the foundation for longevity with bundles from Elysium Health: Pair our NAD+ booster Basis with one (or more) of these carefully selected products for maximum benefits.

Basis Bundles

Benefit from bundles in more ways than one with special pricing:

For visibly better skin plan

For visibly better skin

Basis + Mosaic

Exclusive offer



per month

Basis supports collagen and ceramide synthesis by increasing NAD+ levels, while Mosaic reduces wrinkles. Plus, increase moisture with hyaluronic acid for visible results in as little as 3 weeks.*

Exclusive bundle offer: $117.50 per month.
Basis and Mosaic will ship monthly.
Discount applied at checkout.

For proactive aging plan

For proactive aging

Basis + Index

Exclusive offer

$50 off Index

Measure your rate of aging—and learn how to potentially slow it—with Index. Increased NAD+ levels—which you’re getting from taking Basis—are associated with slower rates of biological aging.**

Exclusive bundle offer: $50 off Index.
Basis will ship monthly. Index is a one-time purchase.
Discount applied at checkout.