Elysium Health and the University of Oxford Solve a Big Piece of the Brain Aging Puzzle

Here’s how we partnered with the University of Oxford to slow age-related brain atrophy linked to memory decline. Details on the VITACOG study, which powers Matter:

  • Location
    Conducted at the University of Oxford.
  • Participants
    168 adults, two-year clinical trial
  • Protocol
    Double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized—the “gold standard” in studies.
  • Results
    The B-vitamin complex significantly reduced age-related brain atrophy associated with memory decline. Atrophy was reduced by up to 86% in grey matter regions involved in learning and memory.

Result: Significantly Reduces Brain Atrophy

Over the course of two years, Matter measurably decreased age-related brain atrophy associated with cognitive decline in study participants. In grey matter regions involved in learning and memory, atrophy was reduced by up to 86%.

Graphic adapted from: Douaud et al. (2013) PNAS 110(23): 9523–9528.

Result: Supports Cognitive Function

Even if you’re healthy, you lose up to 20% of your brain volume over your lifespan. In normal aging, this decline is linked to reductions in cognitive abilities, including memory. Over time, lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor sleep habits accelerate grey matter decline.

Source: Sherwood et al. (2011) PNAS 108(32):13029-34

Result: Regulates Homocysteine Metabolism

Among many reasons to keep homocysteine levels normal: high concentrations of this amino acid in your blood are associated with brain shrinkage in healthy older adults.

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