Elysium Health and the University of Oxford Solve a Big Piece of the Brain Aging Puzzle

Here’s why we partnered with the University of Oxford to develop Matter, a product to support brain health during the aging process. Details on the VITACOG study, which powers the B-vitamin complex in Matter:

  • Location
    Conducted at the University of Oxford
  • Participants
    168 adults over 70 years of age with mild cognitive concerns, two-year clinical trial
  • Protocol
    Double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized—the “gold standard” in studies
  • Results
    The B-vitamin complex supports brain health, significantly reducing age-related brain atrophy. Individual results may vary and not everyone may achieve results

Result: Supports Brain Health, Significantly Slowing Brain Atrophy

Over the course of two years, the B-vitamin complex in Matter measurably slowed the rate of brain atrophy by 30%, and in certain brain regions involved in visuospatial learning and spatial long-term memory, the rate of grey matter atrophy was slowed by an average of 86%.

VITACOG Imaging Results

Result: Supports Brain Function and Health

Even if you’re healthy, you lose up to 20% of your brain volume over your lifespan. In normal aging, this decline is sometimes linked to declining brain function, impacting memory or concentration. Over time, lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor sleep habits can accelerate grey matter decline. The results from Oxford’s VITACOG study provide cause and effect evidence demonstrating that the B-vitamin complex in Matter can play an important role in supporting normal brain structure and function, and long-term brain health.

Source: Hedman et al. (2022) Human Brain Mapping 33(8):1987-2002

Result: Regulates Homocysteine Metabolism

Among many reasons to keep homocysteine levels normal: high concentrations of this amino acid in your blood are associated with brain atrophy in healthy older adults. Science shows that B vitamins can effectively lower homocysteine levels.

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