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“It's the brands that prioritize science-based products — like Elysium — that are setting a new standard for the industry.”

New York Magazine

“Most impressively, the company’s co-founder is Leonard Guarente, who heads MIT’s aging center and is one of the pioneers of aging science, a contender for the Nobel Prize should geroscience ever get a nod from the Swedish academy.”


“A renowned MIT aging scientist as cofounder. Not one, not two, but [eight] Nobel prize laureates as scientific advisors. Oh, and a product that could just maybe help you stay feeling young. It’s no wonder the dietary supplement company Elysium has attracted attention in an industry not exactly known for scientific rigor.”


“Elysium Health…was founded by Leonard P. Guarente, PhD, professor of Biology at MIT. Guarente is also the company’s chief scientist. A renowned expert on lifespan extension, he was responsible for discovering that calorie restriction activates genes that carry the ability to slow aging.”

Business Insider

“The company boasts an impressive board of scientific advisors and presents results of its clinical trials.”

W Magazine

“This is the supplement sitting on the nightstands of every cerebral beauty junkie this year.”

Good Housekeeping

“Elysium collaborates with world-renowned international academic institutions to maintain the highest standards of practice, and their thought leadership is helping change the conversation in preventive health and wellness.”


“Victoria Beckham swears by Elysium Health's Basis capsules, which were developed by MIT scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente, and contain Elysium's proprietary nicotinamide riboside (NR-E), a highly efficient NAD+ precursor...NR is a form of vitamin B3 that converts to NAD+ through a series of chemical interactions; NAD+, in turn, is the all-important fuel for sirtuin enzymes.”


“The supplement experts take.”

Fast Company

“The opportunity is the chance to make a difference by translating findings in the booming field of aging research directly to consumers today.”