“Victoria Beckham swears by Elysium Health's Basis capsules, which were developed by MIT scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente, and contain Elysium's proprietary nicotinamide riboside (NR-E), a highly efficient NAD+ precursor...NR is a form of vitamin B3 that converts to NAD+ through a series of chemical interactions; NAD+, in turn, is the all-important fuel for sirtuin enzymes.”

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“It's the brands that prioritize science-based products — like Elysium — that are setting a new standard for the industry.”

New York Magazine

“Most impressively, the company’s co-founder is Leonard Guarente, who heads MIT’s aging center and is one of the pioneers of aging science, a contender for the Nobel Prize should geroscience ever get a nod from the Swedish academy.”


“A renowned MIT aging scientist as cofounder. Not one, not two, but [eight] Nobel prize laureates as scientific advisors. Oh, and a product that could just maybe help you stay feeling young. It’s no wonder the dietary supplement company Elysium has attracted attention in an industry not exactly known for scientific rigor.”