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September 2020
Vol. 4 Issue 4
The Matter launch was our big news of the summer, but there’s a lot more happening with our products and partnerships behind the scenes. In this month’s newsletter, news about Elysium in Forbes and AGEIST, the best way to improve your sleep fitness overnight, and a “microbial Noah’s ark.”
In the News
Forbes: The Best Beauty and Wellness Products for Self Care
Forbes | Matter Long-Term Brain Health
In Forbes, travel writer Katie Chang says that one of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves is by using beauty and wellness products.

One of her favorites? Matter. “Brains are arguably the hardest working organ in our bodies, yet they’re often neglected. To help remedy that, Elysium Health teamed up with the University of Oxford to launch Matter,” she writes.
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Time to Switch Your Omega-3?
Like many Americans, AGEIST founder David Stewart is concerned about getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in his diet. He gets plenty of ALA from foods like walnuts and avocados, but is he eating enough fish to get a healthy amount of EPA and DHA? Stewart also has some concerns about quality issues and the aftertaste of conventional fish oil supplements.

When Matter launched he knew he’d found the perfect product — more bioavailable than fish oil, no fishy taste, plus it includes a B-vitamin complex proven to help slow age-related brain loss associated with mild memory concerns.

“At AGEIST, we are very careful about the products we endorse,” he writes. “I take Matter every day because I believe that it is effective in helping me maintain my long-term brain health.”
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Want more tips optimizing your wellness, health, fitness, and relationships? Check out Stewart’s podcast, SuperAge, which explores how we can live our best lives through conversations with high-profile guests like fitness guru Kathy Smith and aging research Nir Barzilai, MD.
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Eight Sleep: $150 Off Better Sleep
One of the fastest, most reliable ways to optimize your health — especially your brain — is to get great sleep. Or as our friends at Eight Sleep say, to improve your sleep fitness. We’ve partnered with Eight Sleep to help you get sleep fit with $150 off their Pod Pro and the Pod Thermo Cove.

The Pod Pro is the only mattress that uses water to cool the temperature to as low as 55 degrees and keep your body temperature cool while you sleep. 80% of Americans have issues with temperature during their sleep, and the Pod Pro is the only mattress that actively allows you to set your optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night to help you obtain higher quality sleep.

The Pod Pro also tracks over 11 different biometrics including HRV to send you daily reports every morning analyzing your sleep performance with suggestions on how to improve. Plus, the Pod's first of its kind alarm uses gentle vibrations to wake you up in the morning without disturbing your partner.
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Matter in NutraIngredients
The leading news source for the nutrition industry, NutraIngredients, took a deep dive into the launch of Matter, our breakthrough brain health product. The writer covers some of the most important research that led to Matter, including Oxford’s VITACOG trial and a study showing the synergistic effects of good omega-3 status and the B-vitamin complex in Matter in supporting brain health.
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A “Microbial Noah’s Ark”
Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Henry Rutgers Professor of Microbiome and Health, and Martin Blaser, the Henry Rutgers Chair of the Human Microbiome, lead the Microbiota Vault initiative. Photo by Roy Groething
Scientific Advisory Board member and microbiome pioneer, Martin Blaser, is in the news for a new project he and fellow scientists at Rutgers are pursuing.

The Microbiota Vault, now entering pilot phase, intends to “gather beneficial germs from human populations whose microbiomes are uncompromised by antibiotics, processed diets and other ill effects of modern society that have contributed to massive loss of microbial diversity and an accompanying rise in health problems,” according to Rutgers. This “microbial Noah’s ark” may one day help improve health by reintroducing lost microbes.
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The Biggest No Brainer
You can slow age-related brain loss associated with mild memory concerns with Matter, our breakthrough product developed in partnership with the University of Oxford.
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Brains are arguably the hardest working organ in our bodies, yet they’re often neglected. To help remedy that, Elysium Health teamed up with the University of Oxford to launch Matter.
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